Tour of the residence

The garden and the pool

The Maison Müge team spends a lot of time on the extensive care of our wonderful and well-kept garden. All coconut trees and other large trees were largely spared during construction and are constantly being integrated into the existing infrastructure as far as possible. Even in the suites, the coconut trees have been inserted through their roofs. Each seat has its own coconut palm tree with lighting.

Our staff irrigate the plants daily with our own slightly saline well water and cherish the evergreen oasis during the dry season. So we always enjoy the green surroundings.A wide variety of animals benefit from this green irrigated oasis and sometimes you can even observe them.The shell-shaped large pool is embedded in the middle of our plot.

The tower and the animals

Water is one of the most important elements in Africa. Our well at 35m depth provides constantly flawless, slightly saline water. This water irrigates our plants and fills our pool. Our desalination plant removes the salt and the water is sterilized by ultraviolet light and processed into drinking water.

The water tanks are located in the tower in the middle floor and ensure a minimum pressure even in case of power failure, so that even in the guest houses showering is guaranteed. So that the water tanks are not exposed to the sun, we had the idea on the top floor Henry's Tower Bar set up.
The cat Titti and 4 turtles live here: the big bimba, the middle dongo and blumbo and baby lucy. Our raven pairs nest in the treetops of the palms and belong to it.

Our guests enjoy the countless monkeys, who are practicing daily on the high walls or trees. Thus, the mangoes and the passion fruits, bananas are gone before harvesting!

What our guests have told us

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Happy holidays ... no ... We were able to spend a very nice holiday at the Maison Müge.
On the 3rd of August we arrived in Kilifi. The first two days we have relaxed, visited the area and let us spoil in the plot Maison Müge.
Then we went for three days with Gigi and Ben on safari in Tsavo East and West.
That was so terrific. The two gave everything so we could experience a lot and see.
Back in the plot at Müge and Henry we were warmly welcomed again.
They are great hosts and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. You can tell that they like to work there.
Also the food was very good, Joseph is a master in cooking.
The next ten days we spent with various excursions, sailing and snorkeling with Max, shopping in Malindi, visit of Mida Creek, leather studio Zini and the Mnarani Monuments.
In between, always enjoy the tranquility in the plot and relax.
We would have liked to stay longer, it was just great in the Maison Müge and highly recommended.
Thank you to the whole Maison Müge team for the nice time.

Margrit und Manuela Auf der Maur Lauerz

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We were warmly welcomed in July 2014 by Heiri, Müge and the whole team. After an extensive welcome aperitif we were allowed to stay in the Zebrahaus. In the 2 weeks we ate like "prince" whether morning or dinner, it was just fantastic.
We made many different trips the Müge organized for us: many, many thanks!
1. Bird island in the evening with sailboat boat, there we have seen rare species of birds. Specifically, the return trip was in the dark to the jetty.
2. Takaungu near Kilifi we were able to look at the production of various leather items and also to buy bags, wallet ... the way led to the boat which was propelled with a stick to push from one bank to the other. This path can also be done on foot at low tide.
3. Hallerpark is a good substitute for the safari. One encounters different animal species in or outside the enclosure. On the trail have us, for example. 5 giraffes crossed the path. We can only recommend this trip because the German speaking guide was awesome.
4. Shopping in Mombasa and Kilifi, there are many great shops.
5. Specially was the deserted beach in Kilifi. Within 5 minutes you can reach on foot the miles of white sandy beach. A paradise for joggers.
6. The favorite for golfers - in the 30 minutes away golf course "Vipingo Ridge" you experience golf at the highest level. The golf course is elevated on a plateau about 250m above sea level. Even the view is terrific as well as the state of the championship place. The grass for the fairways was flown in from England in the 90s. Of course, an airfield is also part of the golf course. This golf course is a challenge for good golfers. The caddies are very accommodating and have fun with them. The quality of the rented clubs is ok for HCP up to 20. For better players it is advisable to take their back with them. The incredible of this story, for around CHF 60.00 you will be picked up and driven back including 18 holes ... madness !!
Now we hope you have some tips on what you can do in Kenya, even without a safari.

Judith, Rinaldo und Dario        

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We were guests in the ZebrahausFirst we were on a 3 day safari in Tsavo East / West and would definitely recommend this trip. Müge and Heiri have the best contact to the local guide 'gigi' and have organized this excursion for us.The remaining 17 days, we were spoiled in the Maison Müge of A-Z, with excellent food, massages, trips in the area, for example, in the lively Watamu or for shopping in Mombasa.The pool area in the Maison Müge invites you to relax and enjoy a swim. The nearby beach of Kilifi is just gorgeous, white and deserted.We have rarely seen such BEAUTIFUL.Thanks to the whole team for the wonderful time, we will definitely be back.

Dear Müge and dear Heiri, it was GREAT with you. 

Brigitta & Roland Keller